‘CASCADIA’ is a long-form drama about the battle between consumerism and environmentalism, as played out in the marriage of Dougie and Selena Taylor. Dougie’s job is to protect the watershed of the local city he works for, but he doesn’t make enough to pay his wife’s shopping bills, and the only way out of debt is by putting a price on something money can’t buy…

(72 minutes, Higher Films 2011)

From 2015, a compilation of directorial work by Jim Knox, proprietor of Higher Films.

A short commercial video for a beautiful little hotel in one of our favourite places in the world, Tulum, Mexico, 2013. Check out more of our commercial work HERE

This saucy and delightful music video for the hip-hop group DRLCTS, features Morgan Cranny and won the Jury Prize at Cinevic’s 2011 Reel-to-Reel Challenge.

In memory of our dear friend Douwe, who, as per his wishes, we launched into space on September 15, 2012.